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Paint Protection

EST. TIME: 6-14 hours


Paint protection is a vital tool in keeping the surface condition of your vehicle in the best shape possible. Paint protection is recommended for all new vehicles or those that just received a ‘paint correction’ detail. All vehicles are hand washed and then clay bared to remove all surface contaminates. Once the vehicle is prepped we apply our premium ceramic-based paint sealant to the entire vehicle including the paint, glass, chrome, and all trim pieces. This paint sealant repels sap, bird droppings, industrial fall out, and beads water off the paint. The end result will last 8-12 months, depending on vehicle storage, maintenance, weather and mileage.


  • Foam Soap Bath
  • Hand Wash
  • Clay Bar all surfaces to remove surface contaminates
  • Tape off all moldings
  • *If needed, polish entire vehicle (1st cutting stage, 2nd cutting stage, 3rd polishing stage 4th finishing stage)
  • Apply ceramic based coating entire vehicle
  • Remove sealant
  • Dress tires and clean rims

PRICE:All vehicles must be assessed in-shop. Quote given after assessment. 

*Estimated time based on average vehicles and may vary depending upon the condition of the vehicle.

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