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New Car Detail

EST. TIME: 5-6 hours


The majority of our clients with brand new cars believe that because it just came off the lot, it shouldn’t require any detail services. However, here at Hayes Detail, we have seen it all. The condition of brand new vehicles tends to be quite disappointing, but that is why we have created the ‘New Car Detail’. After the vehicle arrives at Hayes Detail, we thoroughly inspect it inside and out to assess the condition of the paint and exterior surfaces as well as the interior. From this point, we will recommend any additional services needed beyond the ‘New Car Detail’ as well as our regular details to elongate the life of your newest investment.


  • Foam Bath
  • Clay Bar all Surfaces
  • Clean Rims
  • Dress Tires & Trim
  • *If needed, polish exterior (stage 1-3)
  • Apply Ceramic Paint Sealant
  • Vacuum Entire Interior
  • Wipe Down Dash, Center Console, & Doors
  • Apply Leather/Vinyl Conditioner to Seats, Doors, Dash, Center Console
  • Apply Fabric Protection to Seats & Carpets
  • Clean Windows

*Additional cost for polishing and shampooing if needed. Pricing and estimated time based on average vehicles and may vary depending upon the condition of the vehicle.

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