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Headlight Restoration

EST. TIME: 30-45 Minutes


Do your headlights look foggy or dull? The headlights on cars often become hazy, cloudy or yellowed due to oxidation. In addition to the appearance of your vehicle, having foggy headlights is also a safety issue. The oxidation causes the light output from the internal bulbs to be diffused. This effectively means that the beam from each headlight is weakened, and produces a reduced area of coverage. Our 5-step sanding and 3-step polishing process ensures that the oxidation is removed completely from the headlight not just from the top surface. To finish off our restoration, we apply a protective sealant, which does just that- protects and seals the headlight from further damage. All of our headlight restorations come with a 2-year warranty.


  • 5-Step wet sanding process
  • 3-Step polishing process
  • Protective sealant
  • Wipe down

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